Thiago Lúcio Bittencourt
Using technologies based on Frontend Stacks such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript. Working on projects in Web and Mobile applications. Implementing Interaction Design concepts in the intuitive construction of interfaces with UX and UI concepts.
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All Frontend cycle

Working across the entire Frontend cycle mat from UX/UI analysis and interaction creation, prototyping, coding and implementation of web or mobile projects.

  • Interaction Design using UX and UI
  • Prototyping and Wireframing
  • Coding Frontend using Frameworks, Libs or "hands-on".
Eu na empresa em Minas Gerais em 2013
Eu em casa em 2023
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Old Web designer to Frontend

I started working as a Web designer in 2002 and in mid-2015 I naturally migrated to Frontend due to the decoupling of development technologies and have been developing Mobile Web applications ever since.
Principais conhecimentos:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, Frameworks and Libraries
  • Interaction Design (UX & UI)
3 Last Projects
Sem Parar App
WebApp and Mobile
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I work on the Sem Parar project as a Frontend Developer on the Design System team that creates components in React Native for the App teams and with StencilJS for the Web project teams (Angular, React, Next, etc.) creating the component library of these projects.
My Seat
Just WebApp
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I worked on the project as a Frontend Developer throughout the development cycle. Dealing with both Frontend and Back-end. Using Angular on the Frontend, together with PrismaJs, NestJS, and PostgreSQL. The project delivers an Application (WebAPP) that allows the management of work/ personal spaces.
NSC Comunicações
Web and WebAPP
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Branch of Rede Globo de Televisão in Santa Catarina worked at NSC Comunicações as a Frontend UX/UI Developer. I had the opportunity to work on projects such as G1 de Santa Catarina, NSC Total, and others, dealing with Frontend but also with Back-end and DevOps.
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Experience & Education

My LAST 3 professional experiences and my main principal academic backgrounds

Frontend UX/ UI Developer

Remote - May/2022 - Now

SysMap Solutions Short-Term Contract with their clients portfolio serving on Mobile projects for clients such as the "Sem Parar" App and Fleetcor (USA). Working on building the Mobile and Web Component Library to serve these clients projects and teams.

  • Agile Methodologies
  • UX/UI Analysis
  • Figma Prototyping Analysis
  • Design to Code Conversion
  • Creation of web/mobile UI components
  • Using React Native, HTML, SCSS - Styled Components, TypeScript, StencilJS
  • Unit testing with Jest
  • Storybook and Chromatic
  • Plop for component generation
  • Azure Environment
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Frontend UX/ UI Developer

Remote - July/2021 - May/2022

Working company's MySeat project among other side projects. Developing Web and PWA applications for the project and working throughout the Front/Backend cycle.

  • Agile Methodologies
  • UX/UI Analysis
  • Figma Prototyping Analysis
  • Design to Code Conversion
  • Frontend Development Full Cycle
  • Using Angular12, HTML, CSS, Typescript and Angular Material, Bootstrap
  • PrismaJS, Kubernetes, Docker, PostgreSQL
  • Semaphore, SonarQube
  • Jira and trello
  • Azure Environment
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Frontend UX/ UI Developer

Hybrid - March/2020 - July/2021

Branch of Rede Globo Network Television in the State of Santa Catarina, working mainly on the projects G1 de Santa Catarina, NSC Total (local newspaper) and Hora de Santa Catarina in addition to Rádio Atlântida.

  • Agile Methodologies
  • UX/UI Analysis
  • Figma Prototyping Analysis
  • Design to Code Conversion
  • Frontend Development Full Cycle
  • Using ReactJS, NodeJS, NextJS, Drupal, HTML, CSS, Typescript
  • GraphQL, NestJS, Kubernetes, Docker, PostgreSQL, Semaphore, Lambda AWS, S3 AWS, EC2 AWS
  • Jira and trello
  • AWS Environment
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Among the projects I worked on at NSC Comunicações. Highlights include Portal G1 in Santa Catarina, where I worked as a Dev Frontend with the team in Rio de Janeiro.

The daily activities were to retrieve tasks from Jira and hold daily meetings. I worked with React or NextJS projects as frontend and 100% remote.

With Backend dealing with NestJS, GraphQL, NodeJS, PostgreSQL resources in a superficial way. It is important to emphasize that I've not worked on Mobile projects with React Native. WebApp and PWA only.

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The project marked a phase in my life where I started to migrate from Webdesign to Frontend. It was my first contact with a Framework at the time, AngularJS.

This occurred in mid-2016. I worked with AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS HTML, and later Angular Material. Jenkins, GitLab, Jira, Sprints, Scrum.

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Pauta Distribuidora

Pauta Distribuidora is an e-commerce that sells technology/electronic equipment to small and medium-sized retailers, CNPJ’s. This was my last project as a Senior Web Designer.

In this project, I was the Web designer working on all parts of the e-commerce interface together with another Backend Java programmer who programmed JSP. I worked mainly with HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, and the first versions of Bootstrap and Design.

I occasionally still do work for them as a freelancer. The current version of e-commerce was also created by me with another Developer in Angular8.

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Risoluto is the product of one of the small companies I worked for and my experience there was greater contact with AngularJS in projects at "Banco de Fomento do Estado de SC" and also Angular8 with the Web version of the People Management System.

Technically speaking about the project, I worked basically dealing with the interfaces in a very accelerated service volume. It was a great challenge and a good place to define my next career steps. The direction I'm still heading today. HTML, CSS, JQUERY, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular8, Angular Material, and the like were the focus of my work there.

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Current projects
Projects I'm working on right now
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LegalMind - It's a platform from LawOfficer's.

Co-founder - Frontend Lead.

Together with other professional friends, we started creating an application focused on its first version in the legal segment, which aims to help law firms and similar companies in managing clients, processes, and documents. This project also has integration with Artificial Intelligence which uses its own dedicated ChatGPT to assist in legal processes and office activities.

The first version is close to completion and insertion into the market through initial customers with whom we are already associated for the improvement and production of the tool. There is the possibility of entering into an investment round in 2024.

In this project, I am responsible for the UX/UI, the creation of interfaces, and the entire frontend of the application. Frontend architecture, construction, and configuration. Creation of component libraries and integration with the System's APIS and cloud Backend.

The Frontend technologies that I chose and implemented in this project are Next.js(v. 14) and Typescript along with Tailwindcss. Using little or no external packages like Axios or others similar, which is possible when we choose Next.js. The API is made in Python in Flask and the database is PostgreSQL.

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Migoo - Pet Social and service Mobile Project.

Creator and "all in one" Developer

Living in Florianópolis and responsible for 2 dogs and a cat, I suffering a problem that I consider serious for many people who live on the Island.

A large part of the population (perhaps most) are people from other parts of the Country. Because of this, we always need to travel to visit relatives and we are unable to take our animals with us and we have great difficulty finding people who can take care of them while we are away.

With that, I had the idea of creating an application based on the zip codes of the neighborhoods on the Island where we live to create a social network for animals, bringing residents who share nearby zip codes to get to know each other so they can create relationships and help each other in these situations. Many more ideas surround this project but the main focus is this.

I work on this project alone handling the entire development solution on my own. Design, Frontend, Backend, DevOps as well as the entire development process. The technologies I chose for this project to handle were React Native, PrismaJS/ NestJS, and PostgreSQL.